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We can help your business prosper with a series of practical, step-by-step guides. Our newest book Courageous Conversations, At Work, At Home provides 85 one page stories that help people transform their communication habits. Our other business books provide Knockout Presentations that can help your face public speaking with confidence and ensure that your presentation will be professional and memorable, while  Simplified Strategic Planning will give you the tools to quickly and effectively create a plan that will help your business be successful. Be Your Own Executive Coach will hone your skills as a communicator and a listener, the two most important skills for your business or personal life.



Simplified Strategic Planning: a No-Nonsense Guide for Busy People who Want Results Fast! by Robert W. Bradford and J. Peter Duncan

Item # - 978-1-886284-46-3

Simplified Strategc Planning uses a time-proven method to help you map out a    strategic plan for your business. You will be guided by vivid examples of how business have followed this process, enabling you to dramatically improve your results.  The process that you will learn is detailed, but not complicated.  It provides a roadmap to success helping to answer essential business questions.

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