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We can help your business prosper with a series of practical, step-by-step guides. Our newest book Courageous Conversations, At Work, At Home provides 85 one page stories that help people transform their communication habits. Our other business books provide Knockout Presentations that can help your face public speaking with confidence and ensure that your presentation will be professional and memorable, while  Simplified Strategic Planning will give you the tools to quickly and effectively create a plan that will help your business be successful. Be Your Own Executive Coach will hone your skills as a communicator and a listener, the two most important skills for your business or personal life.



Courageous Conversations at Work, at Home by Peter deLisser

Item # - 978-1-886284-79-1

An expert communication coach, Peter deLisser tells the stories of 85 leaders who transformed their relationships and accelerated their careers at work and at home by changing their communication habits.  The stories offer skills and strategies that address key topics in effective communication, including: responsible listening, leadership coaching, conflict resolution and team building.


The story below is an example of what every reader may expect, page by page, throughout

This book is dedicated to the hundreds and hundreds of courageous leaders we have been privileged to coach,

 who during the process transformed the quality of their lives at work, at home.


It contains 85 of their individual stories, each story on a separate page,

about how these leaders made a choice to courageously accept responsibility for the result of their future conversations.


Results!  By changing their communication habits, each of them transformed their relationships

and accelerated their careers – at work and at home.





“It Was Fun to be Sarcastic at Home, but it Didn’t Work, at Work”

A leader was referred because he was sarcastic in team meetings.


When asked if he knew he was sarcastic, he responded,

“Of course I know. I do it purposely. It’s fun!

Everybody in my family is sarcastic, my father, my mother, my brother and two sisters!”


He was a newly hired marketing executive, for a big company.

Two members of his team had twenty years experience with this company. 


“Every time I suggest something their responses are always,

‘We can’t do that here, we tried it once and it didn’t work.’

 I get impatient, and so to have some fun I get sarcastic!”


When I asked him if he knew what the Greek translation for “sarcasm” was,

he answered, “No.” 


He straightened upright in his chair when he heard the answer.


“It means cutting flesh.”



The National Story Telling Association in their article “What is Story Telling?” claims that “stories link our past, present and future, teaching us to anticipate possible consequences of our actions.”  We are confident that each of the 85 stories will allow you to do the same.

 "Courageous Conversations is a keeper!  It is a result-oriented book with loads of suggestions to help you improve your chances of success on your job and at home"   Jerome A. Chazen, Chazen Capital Partners, LLC

"Sagely practical and sneakily profound...these episodes and anecdotes from real life...will elevate your communcation skills with the most important people in your life-your family and your colleagues"  Dr. David Schroeder, Ed.D, President of Somerset Christian College

Price: $21.95

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