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Raising Multiple Birth Children, an essential guide for parents of twins, triplets, and beyond; Field Guide to Parenting, a compilation of all the best thinking on parenting techniques in an easy to use format; For All Our Daughters, a practical guide for all those who understand the importance of mentoring girls and young women through the difficult transition to adulthood; Heart to Heart, providing a resource for helping parents, teachers, and counselors talk about values with teens; and Watsamatta U, a very funny and very useful guide to keeping your head during the crazy-making year of college applications.

The Courage Muscle is a witty and practical guide to getting through treatment for breast cancer, written by a "chicken" who found the courage to help herself and others with humor and candor.  Yes We Can provides useful information on traveling with an ostomy, including information on supplies, medical support and necessary vocabulary around the world.  Win the Battle offers hope to those suffering from depression and bi-polar disorder.

Watsamatta U: A Get-A-Grip Guide to Staying Sane through Your Child's College Application Process by Karin Kasdin

Item # - 978-1-886284-71-5

Wattsamatta U is a witty guide to surviving the often anxiety-ridden process of college applications.  Karin Kasdin serves as a very funny and very comforting companion for taking the stress out of a stressful year.  She covers all the topics, from SAT's to college visits, with good humor and a blessed dose of sanity. According to Carol Lunkenheimer, Director of Admissions, Northwestern University "Karin Kasdin's book is as enlightening as it is funny.  The advice she gives as she shares her escapades will go a long way toward calming the nerves of other parents who might be anxious about their children's college admissions process.

Price: $14.95

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