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Immigrant Life

From S.N. Berhman's vibrant stories of growing up Jewish in THE WORCESTER ACCOUNT, to the story of SPAG An Italian American Business Legend, and to a Greek boy's journey to America in A PLACE FOR US, we have the privilege of telling the "universal" American immigrant story, in our Immigrants in America Series. 

SPAG An Amercian Business Legend by Elsa Tivnan and Catherine Nickerson

Item # - 978-1-886284-54-8

The story of Spag's, the legendary discount store and Anthony "Spag" Borgatti, the visionary retailer who created a place that became one of the most popular tourist sites in New England. This is the story of a man who turned a $35 investment into a multi-million dollar enterprise using showmanship, a willingness to defy conventional wisdom, and a deep respect for his employees, customers and suppliers.



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