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From S.N. Berhman's vibrant stories of growing up Jewish in THE WORCESTER ACCOUNT, to the story of SPAG An Italian American Business Legend, and to a Greek boy's journey to America in A PLACE FOR US, we have the privilege of telling the "universal" American immigrant story, in our Immigrants in America Series. 

A PLACE FOR US by Nicholas Gage

Item # - 978-1-886284-73-9

A Place for Us is by the acclaimed author of Eleni, which according to the New York Times "gave us the heightened drama of a Greek tragedy... A Place for Us tells the gentler if no less moving story...of an immigrant family struggling to reconcile the ghosts of the past with the possibilities of the future." This intimate portrait of life in Worcester's Greek immigrant community in the 1950's is according to the New Yorker, both "absorbing and American success story."

Learn more about N.Y. Times Bestselling author Nick Gage's A Place for Us.

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