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From S.N. Berhman's vibrant stories of growing up Jewish in THE WORCESTER ACCOUNT, to the story of SPAG An Italian American Business Legend, and to a Greek boy's journey to America in A PLACE FOR US, we have the privilege of telling the "universal" American immigrant story, in our Immigrants in America Series. 

Miracle Man of the Western Front Dr. Varaztad Kazanjian Pioneer Plastic Surgeon by Dr. Martin Deranian, D.D.S.

Item # - 978-1-886284-77-7

   This biography of the "gentle genius of plastic surgery" tells the remarkable story of Dr.Varaztad Kazanjian.  Having fled the massacres in Ottoman Armenia, Dr. Kazanjian emigrated to Worcester, Massachusetts in 1895, where he found work in the wire mills.  His skill and determination led him to Harvard Dental School and to becoming a volunteer dentist during WWI.  He served near the battlefields, treating the large number of disfiguring facial wounds that were a particulary brutal result of trench warfare. He created new techniques that pioneered the newly emerging field of plastic surgery, and went on to a brillant career as a surgeon and teacher at Harvard University. This book provides a detailed and absorbing account of the life of a gifted surgeon, brilliant innovator, and modest and deeply humane man.

To be published Jan 2007






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