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Gold Medal Hockey by members of the championship Olympic Women's Ice Hockey Team; inside tips and insights in Hockey for Everybody from the Bruin's Hall of Famer Cam Neely; why the Red Sox finally won the World Series in The Possible Dream, and a middle-aged couple's wonderful bicycling trip from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast in Just the Two of Us...along with a practical and encouraging guide for women tackling home improvement and repair projects in the Woman's Fix-It Book.

Woman's Fix-It Book: Incredibly Simple Weekend Projects & Everday Home Repair by Karen Dale Dustman

Item # - 978-1-886284-14-2

At last, an easy to use fix it book that demystifies tools and techniques and encourages women to take on plumbing, electrical, and decorative projects with confidence.  Karen Dustman provides an illustrated step-by-step guide to fixing a toilet, replacing an electrical outlet, changing locks, repairing screens, and many of the other tasks that become so much less intimidating with this friendly, useful book.

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