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From S.N Berhman's description of growing up on Worcester's eastside in the early 20th century, to John O'Toole's gripping account of the Worcester Tornado in 1953, and Nick Gage's compelling story of growing up as a young immigrant in Worcester, we offer a range of books about the history and community life of Worcester Massachusetts.

TORNADO - 84 Minutes, 94 Lives by John M. O'Toole

Item # - 978-0-9636277-0-4

Tornado 84 Mintes 94 Lives - the story of the tornado with the highest winds ever recorded.  This book contains the eyewitness accounts of the 1953 tornado that ripped through the heart of Worcester and surrounding towns, leaving  94 dead, thousands injured and 15,000 people homeless. The book follows the path of the Tornado and recounts the stories of loss and heroism on that terrible June day.




Price: $19.95

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