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From S.N Berhman's description of growing up on Worcester's eastside in the early 20th century, to John O'Toole's gripping account of the Worcester Tornado in 1953, and Nick Gage's compelling story of growing up as a young immigrant in Worcester, we offer a range of books about the history and community life of Worcester Massachusetts.

Miracle Man of the Western Front Dr. Varaztad H. Kazanjian, Pioneer Plastic Surgeon by Dr. Hagop Martin Deranian, D.D.S

Item # - 978-1-886284-77-7

 Available January 2007

MIRACLE MAN OF WESTERN FRONT; Dr. Varaztad H. Kazanjian, Pioneer Plastic Surgeon, by Hagop Martin Deranian, D.D.S.

Foreward by Joseph E. Murray, MD., Nobel Prize Laureate in Medicine 1990 

ISBN-13 978-1886284-77-7 or ISBN -10 1-886284-77-6. Price $39.95  Hardcover approx.  230 Pages, 8" X 10.5".

This groundbreaking biography by Dr. Deranian traces a young man fleeing Ottoman Armenia to escape the Armenian genocide in 1895.  From a start as a wire drawer in the mills of Worcester Massachusetts, Varaztad Kazanjian prepared himself for Harvard Dental School.  At Harvard he volunteered for the British Army Medical Corps and was stationed on the Western Front.

At that time many of the soldiers in the trenches had been suffering painful, disfuguring facial injuries - these soldiers, if they survived, were destined to a difficult life, at best.  Dr. Kazanjian, the American volunteer dentist, quickly became known for his skill in treating the highly destructive and disfiguring facial injuries suffered by large numbers of British soldiers.  Working under primitive conditions in makeshift hospitals near the battlefields of France Varaztad H. Kazanjian exhibited humane concern combined with innovative medical procedures that established his reputation amd marked his subsequent career as a founder of the modern practice of plastic surgery.

Hagop Martin Deranian is a popular author and lecturer specializing in the history of dentistry and the development of the Armenian American Community.  His first book WORCESTER IS AMERICA appeared in 1995 and tells the story of the Worcester Armenians Early Years.  Worcester, Ma is the home of the first Armenian church in America. Dr. Deranian resides in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.


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Price: $39.95

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