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At Chandler House Press we have been booksellers and publishers for more than 30 years and bring practical market advice to help each book be successful.

We publish non-fiction, anthologies, and also produce and package custom books. We also provide editing, page and cover design, and marketing. 



Here are the key elements of a good book proposal -


 1) One page summary - be brief -Mark Twain wrote - “I would have written you a short letter but I don’t have the time so I am writing you a long one instead.”  Realistically you have a few seconds to convince someone to read on - use them wisely.


2) Table of Contents -with a one sentence summary for each chapter.


3) Sample Chapter


4) Competition -other similar books - do some research - go to your local library and bookstore - research on the web.


5) Why is your book different than others on the subject?


6) About the author(s) -include contacts, professional associations, speaking plans, etc.  Also education, other affiliations, what qualifies the author to write this book, and other work(s) the author has written.


7) Markets -who will want to read your book, what are the primary and secondary markets for your book, how do you propose to reach them, how can you sell your book, access to mailing lists, contacts for sales &/or promotion, trade show & conference suggestions, speaking engagments, etc.



Do not send your only copy, for return include SASE.

We are not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts.





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